The Portsmouth Arts and Culture Committee

Welcome to an idea
One of the secrets of building a community is to connect people who have interests in common. It could be anything: gardening, quilting, photography, creative writing, filmmaking, vocal or instrumental music, graphic arts, woodworking, cabinetry, design. When people share common interests, friendships grow, social networks expand, learning occurs, quality of life improves.

Children’s sports organizations — soccer, Little League, hockey — know about building community. They fill the stands or sidelines with a great diversity of people from many walks of life — all of them watching, coaching, or helping because they share a common interest in watching kids grow, improve, and test their skills through competition.

In the same way, many New England towns and cities have discovered that a community arts center can bring a diversity of people together, discover common creative interests, broaden perspectives, add variety to life, contribute to personal growth, and strengthen the network of friends and acquaintances that is essential for any community.

We believe that a community arts center could make Portsmouth a more interesting and satisfying community for all residents. Our task is to figure out whether a community arts center is feasible and would enjoy public support — and if so, how the town might go about creating one.

Using this site
The Town Council established the Portsmouth Arts and Culture Committee to make recommendations about a community arts center. As part of our work, we conducted a public opinion survey of Portsmouth households, but that is not our only source of public input. We intend this website to provide Portsmouth residents with information about our work as a committee, about what we have learned, and about our current thinking.

The public opinion survey was not a vote for or against developing a community arts center. That question will eventually come before the Town Council for a vote if a proposal moves forward. We have developed a business plan and presented it to the Town Council as our final report. There will be a public workshop for a detailed presentation and further discussion. Right now, we are interested in any questions or comments Portsmouth residents might send our way. Use the “Contact Us” button in the left column to let us know your thoughts.