Still Life:  Shapes, Color and Simplification


with Anne Winthrop Cordin

Dates:  Wednesday and Thursday, July 6th and 7th

Time 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

A 2-day morning workshop at the Portsmouth Arts Guild                            2679 East Main Road, Portsmouth, RI



$125 Members

$155 Non-members

Anne Winthrop Cordin, Museum Bag, Portsmouth Arts Guild

Explore and learn ways to create clarity and impact in your paintings with Anne Winthrop Cordin.  Students will work from a tablescape still life composed of a variety of items.  We will study and demystify relationships of shape and color by focusing on these elements:

How to edit and simplify a complicated tablescape.

Mixing “clean colors” and the power of grey.

Ways to strategically increase the excitement, drama and interest of a painting.

Through a variety of exercises, students will study value, chroma, edges and composition. There will also be special tips on how this class can improve your Plein Air painting!

Anne Winthrop Cordin

I am interested in altering the usual way of looking at ordinary things and paint allows this expression in a direct and satisfying way.

My art is about possibility and paradox, memories and emotion. I am excited about color and shape, by irony and mystery and by all of the questions that arise from the conception to completion of a painting. I am in love with the painting process.

My work is a timeline, storytelling where I’ve been and where I am now, connecting me with the collective art spirit of the past and of tomorrow. Art enriches all aspects of my life and my life fills me with gratitude and joy.

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