Watercolor Beginnings


Edward (Ed) Huff

2 Afternoon Sessions

Wednesday and Thursday

January 10th and 11th

Waitlisted:  Please email workshops@portsmoutharts.org


$95 Members

$110 Non-members

Ed Huff, "Intersections", Portsmouth Arts Guild
Ed Huff, Intersections

If you’re a beginner, figuring out watercolors can be daunting. This class will introduce you to the very fundamental basics of watercolors. You will learn something useful and feel confident in your new skills. Watercolors can be frustrating in the best of times, this class will help you figure out how to navigate through those frustrations and with a little practice bring the joy of watercolor into focus. Although practice is the key, a little knowledge helps you take control of your vision. By the end of our class you will have gained the confidence to take the next steps on your journey to becoming a watercolor artist. Each class will cover these topics through demonstration and hands on practice.

What we will cover:
Basics tools/materials and more
The characteristics of watercolor paint
Value vs tone
A bit of color theory
Light, depth, and three dimensional space
How to practice to gain skills

Materials List:
Watercolor Paper – preferably 140 lb/300 GSM cold pressed 9×12 block – but any decent watercolor paper will do, as long as it says watercolor paper it will work.

Brushes: Minimum of three brushes, a mop brush or large round brush, a smaller round and a 3/4″ flat. If you already have an assortment of brushers bring them along

Paint: Any good selection of primary colors will do but here is a list that I recommend: lemon yellow, deep Yellow, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, cobalt blue Hue, ultramarine blue, sap green or viridian
I much prefer paint in tubes, but a decent quality pan paint will work as well. I suggest that you do not use student grade paints but if that is what you have the will work OK.

Palette: A mixing tray, this can be a watercolor palette with mixing wells or simply a plate that can be washed clean

A water container

Paper towels

About Ed Huff

Ed Huff, Watercolor Portrait, Portsmouth Arts Guild

Over the years of his lifetime, Ed has been making images. It is the everyday scenes that most move him, as he knows that they are too transient, as the landscape is ever-changing. Inspiration is in every view here in New England, the architecture, the woodlands and the sea, ever changing and ever present.

Ed left home in central Illinois the day after high school. 1967, the Summer of Love saw Ed off to San Francisco. That summer formed an image of America that he carries to this day. He then enlisted in the Navy, which brought him to Newport and lifelong friends and a wonderful wife.

Then college, kids and career. From printshop to ad agencies, to the newpaper. Then quitting it all and moving aboard a boat to explore the sea, knowing it would come to a logical conclusion, which it did after five years.

Ed then found work at a local university introducing new technologies to staff and students. Ed taught digital arts including photography, 3d modeling and animation, vfx and cinema. This led to working with a local manufacturer of industrial equipment as their “art guy”, leading to many new experiences.

It was there that the realization happened that all Ed had been making throughout his professional career was pixels. Mostly in formats not reachable today due to the ever-changing nature of the digital world.

He rekindled his relationship with brushes and pigments, mostly to chronicle the world as he views it. He began the quest to paint daily, before work, of the world around him and this became the foundation of a new passion.

Ed’s shelves are now filled with sketchbooks full of sketches and paintings. He has developed a passion to share a vision of his world through the use of pigment rather than pixels.

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P.O. Box 463
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P.O. Box 463
Portsmouth, RI, 02871
(401) 215-0122