Portsmouth Arts Guild Supports Foster Parrots

Foster Parrots, Portsmouth Arts Guild Art for a Cause

At our Exhibit opening on May 21, there will be a preview of our fundraiser for Foster Parrots. Original paintings of birds will be offered for free with any donation to Foster Parrots. Please donate whatever you think is a fair price for the art. A full exhibit of bird paintings will be available at our Exhibit Opening on June 18.  We plan to present an online auction of any remaining paintings after that date.

Foster Parrots, New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary, is a 501c3 charity, located in Hope Valley, Rhode Island, dedicated to the rescue and protection of unwanted and abused companion parrots and other displaced captive exotic animals.

On April 1st, 2021 they suffered a devastating fire, losing the lives of nearly 100 beloved animals, who each had beautiful and unique personalities, and who were loved dearly by staff and volunteers. Half of the facility burned to the ground, destroying habitat, equipment, and supplies. The sanctuary is still caring for over 300 animals, and plans to rebuild.

Founded in 1989 Foster Parrots, Ltd. is the largest avian rescue organization in the northeast U.S.A. Foster Parrots has worked collaboratively with organizations like The Jane Goodall Institute, Born Free USA and World Animal Protection in our quest to bring assistance to captive parrots who have long suffered the consequences of pet trade exploitation and public misinformation.

Please help us support this extraordinary organization.  Email questions to artistswelcome@portsmoutharts.org

Wendy B. Dvis, Parrot
Wendy Davis, Parrot Plumage
Jan Burling, Reflection, Portsmouth Arts Guild
Jan Burling, Reflection
Susan Graham, Parrot, Portsmouth Arts Guild
Susan Graham, The Thoughtful Parrot

Ashes to Art

The 2021 Ashes to Art Project co-founded in 2012 by Lori Joseph and Tim O’Hara after the High Park Fire, asked artists across the country to donate art – ranging from paintings to jewelry to sculptures – to be sold in an online auction. Charcoal from the wildfires is incorporated into each piece of art.  

Guild artists donated paintings that were successfully sold on May 15th to benefit the Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District and the Rist Volunteer Fire Department – two volunteer fire departments that were financially devastated working tirelessly for months to contain and extinguish the summer wildfires.

Carol Gordon, Ephemerals
Carol Gordon, Ephemerals
Sarah Oesting, Prometheus Bringing Fire to Man
Sarah Oesting, Prometheus Bringing Fire to Man
Susan Graham, Out of the Ashes
Susan Graham, Out of the Ashes

Artists for World Peace

For Mother’s Day of 2021, Artists for World Peace held a virtual PEACE WALL OF LOVE auction.  All proceeds to go towards bringing the Native American population of Rosebud Reservation free eye clinics, warm clothing, and other necessities.  Guild members responded to the Call for Artists by submitting these paintings.

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