Learn Procreate ONLINE

A series of Four ONLINE Sessions  

Cynthia DiDonato Instructor

April 16th – May 7th

4 Saturdays, 2:30 – 4:30pm

Tuition for 4 sessions:

$110 Members

$140 Non-members

Cynthia DiDonato, Procreate 2, Portsmouth Arts Guild
Cynthia DiDonato, Procreate 1, Portsmouth Arts Guild

About the ONLINE sessions:

Digital painting opens a world of possibilities for creativity.  You can paint with your finger or a stylus or import photos of your conventional artwork or photography to create layered digital art.  You can also use Procreate to improve your analog art. All you need is an iPad and a professional app called Procreate. This workshop provides an introduction to basic skills needed to create digital art in Procreate. These classes will be held on the Zoom platform and you must be able to interact with the class on a laptop or desktop while using your iPad during the class.

Course Objectives:

  1. Discuss the possibilities of using Procreate as a method to create digital art.

  2. Show examples of art created in Procreate.

  3. Introduce: Procreate workspace and gallery

  4. Demonstrate: Brushes, Color wheel, Smudge tool, Eraser tool, Layers

  5. Demonstrate: Brush size, undo and redo, circle of color

  6. Demonstrate: Choosing a canvas size

  7. Participants will create first piece of digital art without layers using a stylus or finger and save to the Procreate gallery

  8. Demonstrate: Share, Duplicate, and Delete in the Procreate Gallery

  9. Participants will create another piece of digital art using at least two layers.

  10. Demonstrate how to import a photo from their iPad Photo Gallery

  11. Participants will create another piece of digital art that imports a photo from their iPad gallery.

  12. Critique student work in a Shared Album.

Materials student will need to provide:

  1. **iPad (Procreate only works on the iPad)
  2. Download “Procreate” from the App Store. This must be done before class. Cost is 9.99.
  3. Digital Photos you can access from your iPad photo gallery
  4. Bring a stylus if you wish. You can also draw with your finger.

******Procreate 5.0.8 is supported on the following iPad models that have iOS 13.2 or newer:


  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st, 2nd and 3rd generation)
  • 11-inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad mini 4


  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air 2


Materials provided by instructor: Handouts related to workshop instruction

Artist Statement

Color, line, pattern, and atmosphere are what fascinate me. When I work, they are my visual language. I am mapping the mind through imagination, intuition, and memory. My work records this creative  journey.

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