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Portsmouth Arts Guild Exhibit Pick-Up Policy

PAG Exhibitions are shown in two locations: Common Fence Point Community Center and the Guild Gallery.  Artwork pick-up is based on the location of your artwork and when PAG will hold Intake for the next exhibit at this location.  Please refer to the current exhibit schedule to determine these dates.


For example, if you are currently exhibiting art at an exhibit at Common Fence Point Community Center, check the current exhibit schedule for the next exhibit at this location.  Artwork must be picked up on the Tuesday or Wednesday Intake dates and times.  All artwork not collected on these two dates will be moved to the PAG Guild Gallery.  Storage at this location is limited and PAG is not responsible for artwork not collected on the designated Pick-Up dates and times.


If there is an exhibit specific change to this policy, all submitting artists will be given pick-up instructions at Intake.


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