Can I Get Directions?

with Thea Ernest


Four Tuesday Sessions, 1 – 5pm

April 18th and 25th, May 2nd and 9th

$155 Members, $170 Non-Members

Can I Get Directions is an exercise in showing how to get from one place to another through illustrations. Participants will choose a local trip and paint or draw directions as well as sights along the way. Will it be from home to your favorite coffee shop, best beach or comforting restaurant? Will you walk, drive or use public transportation? What do you see that lets you know a turn is coming up? You’ll work plein air, when possible, or from original photos.

This class is online on Zoom – Each class includes:  Lecture,  Independent painting time and Review.

Thea Ernest, Portsmouth Arts Guild

Thea Ernest arrived in Rhode Island in 1983 ready to surrender to art at Rhode Island School of Design. After receiving her BFA in Jewelry and Light Metals in 1987, she created custom cabinet hardware and decorative metalwork both for private homes and historic properties. In the past several years, Thea has gravitated toward the immediacy, color and portability of plein air watercolor. Throughout the year, no matter what the weather, you may see Thea in her AutoStudio – a 2010 Honda Fit – or outdoors capturing scenes across RI. Thea has taught and presented workshops at Portsmouth Arts Guild, What Cheer Flower Farm, East Bay Bikeway Art Day, Providence Art Club and the Seekonk, Rehoboth and Washington Park Public Libraries. She was an Artist in Residency at the Whiterock Conservancy, Coon Rapids IA, in the fall of 2021. Her commissioned home portraits grace walls in several states.

Thea is one of the founders of a chapter-in-development of Urban Sketchers in Rhode Island. The group is all about making art from direct observation which inspired the concept for our class.

View Thea’s work online:

Instagram @theaernestdesign